About Babybinos

Babybino. A break though in dwarf breeding techniques.

An outstanding new trend in dwarf bougainvillea ideal for the smaller gardens of today.

Most suitable to grow in tubs for use on patios, balconies and smaller gardens.

Height at maturity, 50 to 60cm with a similar width.

This plant thrives in full sun to part shade in well drained gardens and in garden pots and hanging baskets.

Water well to establish then apply as needed to get masses of blooms.

Some protection from full sun is beneficial but high light is really necessary to get best results.

Babybino are entirely suited to container culture.

Babybino are well behaved with very few small thorns. You have to really look for them to find any.

After each amazing show of flower prune lightly to shape and fertilise with a balanced fertiliser.