The Bambino® Family of Bougainvilleas

Key Benefits

The Bambino® family of Bougainvillea are well known in the Australian marketplace. Since their introduction in 1997 they have revolutionized the use of Bougainvillea in landscape plantings and in large decorator pots around our homes and commercial buildings. Bambinos® are excellent plants for large containers, hanging baskets and for gardens. The foliage of all varieties varies giving a great effect even without the dazzling flowers. There is a flower colour for any application from the deepest of reds and Purples through pinks and whites and even some with multi-hued bracts. Bambinos® in the garden need little extra watering once established. They revel in the hot dry of the inland and in fact flower more heavily during dry times.


Bambinos® are without doubt the best container Bougainvilleas on the market, there are selections for any application. After the plant has flowered trim off the spent stems that held the flowers, apply some fertilizer and water well. The new shoots that develop will often come straight into flower again.

As garden plants the displays are flamboyant and unbeatable. They can be grown as trimmed garden shrubs, as hedges and standards through pruning to establish the height you need, as pergola plants, espaliers and ground cover in larger areas where foot traffic needs control. People will not willingly walk through a planting of Bambinos® once they are well established.


Bougainvilleas are from the northern states of South America. There are three species from which all the cultivated Bougainvilleas are derived through selection and in latter years through breeding. Bambinos® come from an intensive breeding programme by Jan and Peter Iredell of Bougainvillea Nursery in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Over the last 40+ years the Iredells have been gathering Bougainvillea cultivars from all over the world and then through selective breeding and culling of the progeny, they have given to the Bougainvillea lovers of the world the Bambino® family, They are the truest dwarf Bougainvilleas available. Since the first few varieties were released in 1997 others have been released each year to complement the original five. Since then they have taken over much of the market on the Australian scene. Internationally there are many of the varieties on the market now in New Zealand, United States of America and South Africa with numbers being built up for release in Europe and the UAE.


All Bambinos® are really easy to grow. A sunny position is preferred for the best flowering but most of them will grow in part shade but in that position they will flower less.

Bambinos® will grow in most soil types but need good drainage. To get the best and the heaviest flowering from your Bambinos® keep the plants somewhat on the dry side.

Pruning to remove the old flower heads and to shape the bush is best done throughout the year as and when needed.

All Bougainvilleas are heavy feeders, Bambinos® are the same. A slow release fertilizer that is high in Potash is recommended for use. Applications in spring, summer and autumn should be sufficient. Mulching to keep the soil cool and moist is beneficial , a new layer of mulching material should be applied at the end of winter each year as the existing mulch rots down over time.

At irregular times during the summer period long water shoots will appear on some of the Bambinos®. These should be removed right down to the base so they do not shoot again.

Bambino® have few pests and diseases, in most cases the plants are growing strongly enough so that the odd insect chewing a leaf here and there is not a problem.

Time to prune heavily if needed is late spring after the main flowering period. This helps to promote fresh new growth and shape the bush. Applying fertilizer and a good watering after pruning bring the plant into growth quickly.

Bambinos® are really among the best and showiest of plants for tropical and sub-tropical gardens. We at Aussie Winners are proud to be associated with them.